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The market for paraben free anti aging products, paraben free skin care products and paraben free cosmetics is growing faster and faster. What exactly are parabens and why should you choose a paraben free anti aging moisturizer?

Parabens are chemicals that are used in many personal and beauty products such as skin care products and anti aging products and cosmetics.

They are used in these products as preservatives. They work well as preservatives and they are exceptionally cheap, there are more natural alternatives but these are much more expensive. But there is some concern raised about whether parabens used as preservatives in so many of our personal products can damage the health of the user.

There are studies which have linked parabens in personal products to breast cancer for example. One study found that 18 out of 20 breast cancer tissue samples tested contained parabens in them. Whilst the fact that these cancer tissue samples contain parabens is not proof that parabens caused the cancer it is certainly something that makes you wonder. However to date there are no conclusive studies proving that parabens causes cancer or other human diseases.

It is known that parabens will penetrate the skin. Studies have shown that when parabens are applied to the skin they can be found in the blood within hours. Clearly they penetrate our bodies which is also worrying.

And as well is this it has been shown that various parabens can mimic the role in the body of the female hormone estrogen. This is also worrying.

The precautionary principle says that we should avoid using ingredients such as these until they are proven safe however the reality is that until they are proven to be unsafe they will continue to be used in products that most of us use every day.

For these reasons many people choose to select paraben free products. For example those searching for anti aging moisturizers can find excellent quality paraben free anti aging moisturizers which use natural preservatives which work as preservatives and which are non-toxic.

There is raging debate about the safety of parabens in our personal products and although it’s not entirely clear that parabens are dangerous it does seem questionable and to this reason many are choosing to go paraben free. However of course the choice is yours alone.

There are small companies who have made the decision to avoid using parabens in all their products and to produce skin care and anti-aging products that are completely free of any chemicals known or suspected to cause health damage. In fact what I consider to be the worlds best anti aging moisturizers and skin care products are entirely paraben free.

I try to educate consumers about the dangers of so many ingredients found in so many of our personal products such as anti aging products. I do this on my website where I also point out the alternatives for excellent quality paraben free anti aging skin care products. Find out more on my website.

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