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Biotin is one of the B-vitamins. There are eight vitamins that make up B-complex. Biotin is one of those eight; and it is made naturally in the small intestine. It can also be ingested by eating meats and legumes. Biotin is given as a supplement in certain cases. A deficiency can arise during pregnancy and is often prescribed to avoid a deficiency.

There are not any known biotin side effects. It is far more likely that one will experience side effects from having too little Biotin produced in the body. However, there have been some reported Biotin side effects when too much of the oral vitamin is consumed.

Prolonged use may have an adverse effect on the body. The result may be a skin rash or infection. It also can decrease the levels of insulin in the body and can cause blood sugar levels to rise. These two reverse effects can have some harmful results.

There are rare cases of Biotin side effects. In one such case a large dose of Biotin was being taken along with B5. In this one case it did cause a life-threatening illness. But when the consumption of the vitamins was stopped the disease also ceased. It is not known if it was the combination of the two being taken together, or just large amounts of the B-vitamins which caused the near fatality.

Other than these rare instances there are no known biotin side effects. The reasons for these isolated Biotin side effects were either prolonged doses or over use of Biotin.

Generally, Biotin is used to treat or prevent several conditions other than a deficiency during pregnancy. Supplemental doses of Biotin are prescribed for instances of malnutrition. It is also prescribed for situations where malnutrition may occur such as long term tube feeding. There also times when someone has an unexplained rapid loss of weight where a physician may give Biotin as a supplement.

Biotin may also be taken orally for hair loss or brittle nails. It may be given to infants in cases of skin rash. There have also been instances when it is given for diabetes and in cases of mild depression. There are no known Biotin side effects when taken in a controlled manner under the direction of a medical professional. The best way to prevent Biotin side effects is to eat a well balanced diet which includes a wide variety of healthy foods. Before trying to take supplemental Biotin always check with your doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist.

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