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by Samantha Adams

There are ways in which a couple can increase their chances of conceiving a baby boy and in this article we look at one way of how to conceive a boy. It is important that if the couple want the sperm which contains the male gene reaches the egg first to fertilize it they need to know exactly when the woman is ovulating. The best way of being able to determine when a woman is ovulating is by using a prediction kit.

In fact ovulation prediction kits are proving very popular as a way of being able to detect the exact time period when a woman has begun to ovulate. The main advantage of using an ovulation prediction kit (OPK) is that it will tell the woman when she is about to start ovulating before it has even begun. These kits are able to detect the increased production of Luteinizing hormone within her uterus and this generally takes place around 36 hours before ovulation.

When it comes to predicting when ovulation is about to happen there are two types of kits which can be used, either the test strip or midstream method. Both of these work in the same way but are used in a different way. With the first method (test strip) this will be dipped into a the woman’s urine and left there for several seconds. Whilst the second method (midstream) requires the woman to hold the device in the stream of fluid as she urinates. Normally it takes about 5 minutes before a result is provided after the urine has come into contact with the midstream device.

But there are other things you can do that will help you know when ovulation is taking place when you decide to use an ovulation prediction kit. Below we offer a few tips that may be useful if you choose to use an ovulation kit in order to when you when trying to conceive a boy.

Tip 1 – To obtain a better idea of when to use a ovulation prediction test the couple should also use a chart for recording the woman’s body’s basal temperature. Using this chart will then help them to look back and see when ovulation is taking place normally.

Tip 2 – Although a couple may think it is a waste of time but actually carrying out the tests more than once a day is a good idea as well. The couple need to be aware that the increase in LH (Luteinizing Hormone) only occurs in the body for a short period of time and doing the test say twice each day will hopefully mean that you don’t miss this event when it occurs.

Tip 3 – It is important that the tests be carried out at the same time each day and you do not necessarily have to do it in the morning. It can be done at any time just as long as you do it at the same time each day following the first test carried out. By keeping to these set times for testing then the couple are far less likely to miss the period of time when the amounts of Luteinizing Hormone being produced rises.

Tip 4 – It is crucial that the ovulation prediction kit should be used until the level of Luteinizing Hormone in the uterus shows a marked difference. As soon as this difference has been identified then in order to increase the chances of the couple being able to conceive a boy they should make love within 36 hours of this event occurring.

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