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by Chrisitan Goodman

Whoa! My friend was suddenly a little unsteady on his feet while we stood in line for movie tickets not long ago. Of course, I asked him to explain what was going on as we had’t been drinking nor had we been in line for a long time. I just had a little dizzy spell.”

He explained that now and again he has been feeling suddenly woozy or unsteady. Although it normally passes quickly, this pattern seemed to be a symptom of something health related. A recent high blood pressure diagnosis also seemed more than a coincidence.

While dizziness as well as headache, blurred vision and fatigue are all symptoms of high blood pressure, my friend had none of these symtpoms until it came up in a routine physical.

What is now known is that more times than not, it is actually low blood pressue that causes the dizziness. When blood pressure drops, dizziness ensues.

Researchers have proven that generally, it’s low blood pressure that causes dizziness.

The fact that one’s blood pressure drops is not so notable as how it drops. Is there a pattern of a suddend drop in pressure. Is this when the symptoms occur? This is likely an indicator of a much larger medical problem.

The main idea is to take your blood pressure readings exactly when you experience dizziness. It doesn’t matter as much whether the readings are high or low. An ambulatory cuff will allow you to measure your blood pressure wherever you are.

Since vertigo (feeling that people or object around you are spinning when they aren’t) is quite simply, dizziness. I thought this is what my friend might have.

The most common type of vertigo is BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). This is an inner ear condition which can bring about sudden dizziness when the head is moved into certain positions.

Even though my friend’s doctor failed to list out common side effects of his medicine (including dizziness), I knew better.

Once my friend had his prescription filled, it was actually the pharmicist who went into detail about the side effects. This got my friend’s attention.

My friend’s doctor still didn’t take note of his symptoms and the relation to the new high blood pressure medicine. Finally, after 4 long months, my friend was finally able to convince the doctor to switch his medicine. This helped to relive his dizziness but it did nothing for the new crop of side effects that arose. This is when I suggested he try my all natural program.

My friend was feeling better immediately. He was eventually able to lower his blood pressure naturally and convince his doctor to wean him completely off the medicine.

Try my High Blood Pressure program if you suffer from hypertension. It’s all natural and easy to do. Additionally, if you suffer from dizziness or vertigo, I highly recommend my Vertigo and Dizziness program. It’s worked for thousands and can work for you!

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