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by Carolyn Cooper

If you are someone who suffers from easy bruising, you’ll discover that you will want to clarify what conditions might make the bruising worse, and this becomes the time when alcohol intake should be brought into the discussion. Many people who have a tendency to bruise easily end up with the suspicion that alcohol use could be a factor, and they would learn that their feelings were right. When you are seeking to find the causes behind bruises that can be gotten from simply bumping against a countertop, or that you can get without any recollection of the source at all, you should determine that it’s the right time to examine your alcohol consumption.

First and foremost, try to determine how alcohol consumption affects your bruising. Next, examine what really makes up a bruise. A bruise is normally caused by breaching the capillary walls just below your skin. When the blood seeps out, it pools or clots just beneath the skin, making the glaring and vivid colors that are the visible reminders of the bruise. While thinner capillary walls are one cause of bruising, alcohol is actually not involved with this type of bruising. Rather, alcohol acts the same as a blood thinner. Much like aspirin and some forms of prescribed medicines, alcohol makes your blood become thinner, which then interferes with clotting, which then makes you bleed more effusively.

The place where this thinned blood comes together with bruising is at the point where you bump yourself and break some of your capillaries, even if you are don’t know it, alcohol reduces your body’s ability to stanch the free flow of blood. When alcohol is present in your system, your body’s capability to stop the blood flow is going to be diminished, and this can cause what should have been a light bruise look much darker and ominous. When you want to make certain that your bruises do not appear so dark, or so dramatic, you should seriously consider reducing your alcohol consumption.

If you are one of those people worried about the causes of alcohol or other blood thinners on your probability of bruising, you’ll learn that the one method is to increase your intake of iron, which is critical for enhanced blood production in your body. Iron will aid you with faster blood clotting, and it will prove beneficial to your immune system by enhancing its ability to keep itself strong. Foods that are high in iron content include liver as well as dark green and leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach (whats the old fable about if it tastes good, it cant be good for you?).

Spend the time necessary to really determine what the connection between your alcohol intake and bruising easily might mean to you. This may require your to merely reduce a little on the amount of alcohol that you consume, or it might signify that a real change in your drinking habits is warranted.

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