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Have you noticed the other people in your world that are confident, intelligent and successful? Chances are they have developed their photographic memory or they may have it naturally. It’s not necessarily that these people are more intelligent or beautiful, they have a skill that we too, can learn.

I would look at all the successful people in my world and wonder what set them apart from me. In school there were the students who would ace exams but seemed to spend less than half the time studying than everyone else. The colleague who would confidently give a presentation with ease and accuracy. Those people who had great and valuable relationships. Those who would impress the boss by remembering his wife’s name, the kids names AND their birthdays. Those who gave entertaining speeches with confidence, would remember to be in the right place at the right time, didn’t waste their time searching for information they already knew.

Lets just face the fact… that those who have an ability to memorize large portions of information and recall it with ease, are the successful one’s in our world. It is not a case of having a superior intellect, a better personality or more time. It is the ability to get a photographic memory that sets apart the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

The neural pathways in your brain are strengthened when you develop your photographic memory and this opens up more and more parts of your brain that may not have been used much. Developing photographic memory increases your overall brain activity and brings benefits to many areas of your life. * Increased reading speed and comprehension * Increased peripheral vision and awareness * Dramatically improved concentration and focus This enables you to learn so much faster and more effectively, but it does take practice and discipline.

It was when I realized this that I started to work on my photographic memory techniques. Apparently we are all born with a photographic memory, but we lose it’s ability at about the time we go to school (the same time we learn to read!). But there are now courses that you can do to help you develop this photographic memory again and begin to unleash the potential in your own life.

There is a wealth of information, help and guidance on the topic of photographic memory on the internet. Check out my blog on Developing Photographic Memory Techniques. Photographic memory is one thing that can’t be ignored if you truly want to see success in your life!

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