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by Michael K. Fletcheres

When 60 Minutes aired their now famous story on resveratrol, showing that lab tests demonstrated a major scientific milestone that might help people live longer, people have been looking for the best way to buy resveratrol supplements.

It has been suggested, too, that it may help in weight loss programs and increase the physical stamina of people who take it.

But that’s not everything…

Researchers have also found that resveratrol many also help you lower your cholesterol and it may even help protect you against certain types of cancer. Okay, so that’s a tremendous amount of benefits. Even if only half of all that turns out to be right, that’s still pretty impressive.

So now the question becomes — if you want to buy resveratrol, where can you go to evaluate the various resveratrol manufacturers and brands?

Here are some guidelines:

Always look for a company that’s known for putting out quality products. By high quality, one must find a product that has enough of the Resveratrol in it to make a difference in your body. Yes, that sounds obvious, but I wanted to make the point again.

Also, you need to know that government agencies — like the FDA — don’t put supplements manufacturers under the same microscope as pharmaceutical companies — so supplements of any kind don’t have to pass the same stringent quality control procedure as drugs do.

In other words, you might be sold a bottle of air that supposedly contains Resveratrol. No doubt you’ve seen the stories that have been reported by USA Today, where they found bottles of resveratrol from some manufacturers that were bogus. So obviously with anything like this, you need to make sure that the stuff you’re buying really is what it says it is. Another point that should be pretty obvious, I know.

You can protect yourself by sticking with companies who offer you a free sample in order for you to evaluate the product specifically for how it benefits you. This is a great litmus test, simply because it wouldn’t be too smart to give away samples of something that was a bad product.

Beyond those tips, just use some basic common sense. Quality resveratrol is a very hot commodity at the moment. You might even wind up with something that’s not resveratrol if you go with a product that’s five or ten bucks.

So, go with free trials to test the product first. Don’t automatically assume that you’ve scored a tremendous deal on some dirt cheap bargain resveratrol, and give it a try.

This doesn’t have to be one of those things that gets complicated and turns into a chore — just pay attention to sites that review these products and you’ll get some good advice on how to choose the one that’s right for you. For instance, go to the sites I link to below, and take a few minutes to watch the videos they have there.

There are lots of links right to suppliers who can get you set up with quality resveratrol, so you can avoid all the research you’d have to do on your own.

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